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Pompi Alfaro



Born in NYC and raised in New Jersey. I joined the US Air Force in 1995, where I met my wife of 25 years, Belinda. I was stationed here, in San Antonio multiple times, the first time in 2000 where I met Pete and Denise Candelario for the 1st time. While in the AF I worked as a Physical Therapy Technician, a licensed Orthotist, a stand in First Sergeant and Squadron Superintendent. After 22.5 years, I retired and began searching for a job that would provide not only satisfaction but the camaraderie I had grown to enjoy from being active duty. I found both in real estate while working with my best friends. I spent the following 3 years in real estate while managing over 250 homes. I find comfort in assisting my fellow AD and veterans in finding their dream homes or what might turn into long term rental properties! My hobbies include lifting weights, comic books and enjoying time with my family and friends.


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