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Sell a Home

Selling your house is not an easy process, there are a lot of things involved and even can be somewhat complicated at times, regardless of how good the real estate market might be. Whether this is your first time selling your home or not, you’ll still probably have questions. Do I need a real estate agent? What can be defined as closing? How much paperwork am I going to have to fill out? What is the best price I can get for my house? Am I going to be able to sell my house and buy a new one at the same time?

Selling your home is challenging enough, but trying to do it quickly really ramps up the degree of difficulty. Timing often enters into house selling, whether it is because you are relocating, have another home purchase pending, or simply have a pressing need for the sale proceeds. Selling a home is hard work and an intrusion upon your personal life. However, once you’ve made the decision to sell, giving the effort your full attention should help you get the process over more quickly and with more satisfying results.

Our Message to You

At RE Solutions XV, we offer a complete menu of realty services to the home seller. We use our experience to help you navigate the real estate market in a way that maximizes the return on your investment. We offer personalized service that is tailored to fit your unique needs.

Our purpose is to help you find the best deal that will reach the greatest number of potential buyers and lead to the sale of your home. We learn about your financial requirements, analyze recent sales of comparable assets with you   in-depth, and then create the best pricing method for the current market with you.

Remember when selling your home, find time to clean everything up:

  • Get the carpets cleaned professionally.

  • Clean the walls, and/or paint them.

  • Bathroom clean.

  • Freshen up the laundry room.

  • Furniture vacuumed.

  • Wipe out the wardrobes.

  • Wash the overlays of glass and walls.

  • Spiff fans and kitchen appliances up the ceiling.

  • Clean up the baseboard.

We are not going to waste your time, we are focused on best practices in real estate that deliver and meet expectations. Our team works together to produce outcomes through validated approaches delivering the best experience possible. Every member of our team is centered on exploring your needs, effectively consulting with you, and communicating promptly and consistently throughout the sales process. We want to make sure your experience is great in such a way that you feel compelled to recommend us to your friends and family when selling your home!

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